The Issues

Kevin believes “We the People” must be in charge of our government. He has a lifetime reputation for hard work, integrity, and common sense.


Senate District 31 is comprised of the counties of Bay, Lapeer, and Tuscola. Within those counties the district contains more than 145 townships, cities, villages, and communities with a population of approximately 248,000 residents. These are the individuals and communities Kevin is running to serve.

Jobs & the Economy

We must develop a climate that will allow our children and grandchildren to stay and work in Michigan.

Kevin remains committed to reforming Michigan’s workforce development programs to adapt to the 21st century. He does so by supporting programs such as vocational and tech training to ensure every Michigan student is career ready.

Kevin also believes in promoting Michigan’s natural resources to attract job providers to the Mid-Michigan area, removing government programs that disincentivize work, and creating common-sense policies to combat the economic harm caused by Governor Whitmer’s job-killing decisions.

No governor, or health department bureaucrat, must ever again be allowed to unilaterally shut down the economy of our state.  We already lost enough population before the pandemic compared to more business-friendly states.  If employers think we are one panic away from shutting down again, they will seek out states where that is less likely—and our families will need to follow them.

Fighting for hardworking taxpayers

The government needs to live within its means, which means we have to cut taxes, not increase spending. Kevin has fought to lower taxes on job-providing Michigan businesses because Kevin knows that the government doesn’t create jobs. Kevin is committed to a pro-taxpayer agenda that finds more ways to lessen the tax burden on Michigan families and small businesses.


Kevin has fought for more educational opportunities and choices for parents and students, increased accountability and to restrain the growth of college tuition and increased educational and training opportunities to prepare our next generation for careers in well-paying, high-demand skilled labor.

Kevin supports re-introducing and re-emphasizing skilled trades in our schools.  For too long, the system pushed every kid to go to college, ignoring the fact that for students who are talented in those areas, the trades are not only a better pay scale, but people are also happier doing what they are best at—and it doesn’t come with a huge student loan attached.

Kevin opposes Lansing mandating school closures or health mandates.  These issues should be worked out at the local school board level—and most importantly, with the input of parents.

Kevin vehemently opposes schools adopting ideologies or teaching methods that divide children by race or teach them to look at each other differently based on race.  While America has not always lived up to our ideals—and those shortcomings should not be ignored while teaching history—all children should be treated the same in our education system, and they should be taught to treat each other that way, too.


As a fifth-generation farmer and one of Michigan’s leading agricultural advocates. Kevin currently serves as the Chair of the Senate Committee on Agriculture. Kevin’s work to help fight for Michigan farmers and our rural communities is far from over. 

 When companies are considering building a new processing facility and what communities they want to invest in, there are a number of things that are considered. These include reliable high-speed internet, electrical availability, and access to a water supply. It is essential to work with Michigan rural communities to make sure they have the resources they need to make necessary infrastructure improvements. In order to do so, lawmakers need to make critical investments in our infrastructure so farmers can efficiently and cost-effectively move their harvested crops to production facilities, and ultimately, to our dinner tables.

Election Integrity

Kevin strongly supports common sense reforms to restore faith in our elections process.   He proactively introduced legislation that would have made it a felony to knowingly submit another person’s name or personal identity information on a ballot application or attempt to obtain multiple ballots. He also supports requiring an ID to vote and more transparency so we can trust the results – win or lose. 

2nd Amendment Rights

Kevin is a proven defender of our  2nd Amendment Rights.

Kevin Daley is a member of the NRA. He was endorsed by the National Rifle Association, Michigan Coalition of Responsible Gun Owners, and many other pro-Second Amendment organizations in all of his former campaigns.

Protecting Life

Kevin was endorsed by Right to Life Michigan as “100 percent Right to Life” in every campaign he has run since 2008. Kevin is also a strong supporter of Michigan’s organ donor registry.