The Issues

Kevin believes “We the People” must be in charge of our government. He has a lifetime reputation for hard work, integrity, and common sense.

Sponsored Legislation

Kevin Sponsored the following Public Acts:

Public Act 2 of 2011: MAEP-Verified Farms recognition and promotion by State of Michigan.

Public Act 289 of 2011: PPT exemption for certain agriculture related machinery.

Public Act 55 of 2012: License plates for organ & tissue donation fund.

Public Act 254 of 2012: Amended weights and measure law to be updated.

Public Act 469 of 2012: Regulated advertising criteria at gas stations.

Public Act 86 of 2013: Farmland and open space preservation program administrative cap.

Defending Right-to-Work Legislation

“I will not reverse myself just because opposition becomes loud and vocal. I said I would vote for Right-to-Work and I never flinched. I voted for it despite heated opposition and large demonstrations in Lansing.”

Kevin Daley will continue to defend a person’s freedom to work. He believes that no worker should be refused work or fired because they decide not to join a bargaining organization.

Jobs & the Economy

“Creating more jobs in Michigan continues to be my priority. We must develop a job climate that will allow our children and grandchildren to stay and work in Michigan.”

Kevin remains committed to reforming Michigan’s workforce development programs to adapt to the 21st-century. Kevin also believes in promoting our natural resources to attract job providers to the Thumb area, removing barriers to employment, enhancing vocational education opportunities and finding ways to make Michigan more competitive.

Growing Agriculture Opportunity

Kevin’s colleagues in the legislature selected him to be Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee. As one of Michigan’s leading agricultural advocates, Kevin has introduced and had signed into law three Public Acts that benefit all farmers and agri-business in Tuscola, Bay and Lapeer counties. Kevin is a fifth generation dairy farmer and 38-year member of the Lapeer County Farm Bureau. Kevin wants to grow our agriculature processing business in Michigan. The State needs to have crop processing facilities that are more accessible to farmers so they don’t go out of state to process their crops.


The government needs to live within its means, which means we have to cut taxes, not increase spending, to make Michigan a stronger State.

 Kevin has fought to lower taxes on job-providing Michigan businesses because Kevin knows that the government doesn’t create jobs, the private sector does. Kevin is committed to finding more ways to lessen the tax burden on Michigan families. Kevin also supports making our tax structure clearer.


2nd Amendment Rights

Kevin Daley is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and is a member of the NRA. He was endorsed by the National Rifle Association, Michigan Coalition of Responsible Gun Owners and many other pro-Second Amendment organizations in all of his former campaigns 2008-2012.

Better Governing for the People

Kevin has helped balance Michigan’s state budget by working to reduce waste, fraud, and abuse of taxpayer dollars.

Kevin will continue to make the tough choices previous legislatures refused to tackle. Kevin was a leader in stopping the fraudulent abuse of Bridge Cards (food stamps) and voted to cut unnecessary red tape and burdensome, redundant regulations.

Right to Life

Kevin Daley was endorsed by Right To Life of Michigan as “100 percent Right To Life” in every campaign he has run in since 2008.

Additionally, Kevin is a strong supporter of Michigan’s organ donor registry.


Kevin has fought for more educational opportunities and choices for parents and students, increased accountability and to restrain the growth of college tuition.