Friends of Corn PAC Endorses Kevin Daley for State Senate

LUM, Mich. – Former state representative Kevin Daley has earned the endorsement of the Friends of Corn PAC for his campaign for the 31st state senate seat.

“Being a fifth-generation farmer himself, Kevin understands the challenges facing the farming community, and he will always fight to protect our corn growing communities,” said Dan Cable, member of the Friends of Corn PAC Committee. “Kevin has always been a friend of agriculture. We look forward to working with him as the next state senator for Bay, Tuscola, and Lapeer counties.”

Kevin Daley said he was proud to earn the prestigious endorsement of the Friends of Corn PAC. “I am honored to receive the backing of the corn growers, and I appreciate their support for my common sense conservative campaign. Having lived in the district my whole life, I know how important farming is to our communities. With the support of the Friends of Corn PAC we can make sure that Michigan’s farms are better off for years to come.”

The Friends of Corn PAC is a grassroots organization of corn growers which endorses candidates who demonstrate strong support for Michigan’s agriculture sector and support policies that are important to the continued growth of Michigan’s corn industry.

Kevin Daley is a former state representative, lifetime resident of the district, and common sense conservative running for the 31st state senate seat. He is pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment, and pro-farm. As state representative he voted for over $1 billion in tax cuts and helped to pass Right to Work in Michigan. As state senator he will work to create better jobs and higher paychecks, promote vocational job training in schools, and lower auto insurance rates.


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