Kevin Daley has been a big supporter of the surrounding communities for years. He’s looking for your endorsement!

Paul Mitchell

U.S. Representative for Michigan’s 10th Congressional District

“I believe Kevin will be a positive voice in Lansing to get things accomplished for us and for our community.” – Congressman Paul Mitchell.

Candice Miller

Former United States Congresswoman

“I want to proudly and strongly endorse my very good friend, Kevin Daley. I don’t do this kind of thing all the time, but Kevin Daley is different. When I think about Kevin I think about his values – faith, family, and community. We need someone that has lived in the district – didn’t just parachute in and run for the seat. Kevin Daley will make a terrific state senator and reflect our values in Lansing.” – Former Congresswoman Candice Miller

Ted Nugent

“Kevin Daley supports the 2nd Amendment. He will fight for the 2nd Amendment. Absolute 2nd Amendment rights. Let’s make sure that Kevin is in the Michigan Senate. I support Kevin Daley because he is a constitutionalist. He’s a truth, logic, and common sense ‘we the people’ representative. We are freedom-loving, 2nd Amendment-loving, great deer-hunting outdoor conservation families who support Kevin Daley. It’s that simple.”

County Sheriffs

Tuscola County Sheriff Glen Skrent and Lapeer County Sheriff Scott McKenna

“Kevin Daley is the kind of person I want as state senator, who takes the strong, tough issues in our world that affect us the most and wants to deal with them head on. I’ve been doing a lot of things working with schools and the safety of our children. Kevin’s the kind of person who wants to work on the issues ultimately to protect the most precious thing in our world today and that’s our kids.” – Lapeer County Sheriff Scott McKenna.”

Personal Endorsements

Scott McKenna, Lapeer County Sheriff

Gary Roy, Chairman of the Lapeer County Board of Commissioners, District 2

Ian Kempf, Lapeer County Commissioner, District 7

Lenny Schneider, Lapeer County Commissioner, District 4

Dyle Henning, Lapeer County Commissioner, District 3

Representative Dan Lauwers, R-Port Huron

Senator Jim Stamas, R-Midland

Senator Ken Horn, R-Frankenmuth

Jim Novak, Chairman of the Lapeer County Road Commission 

Jack Laurie, Chairman of the Tuscola County Road Commission and Former Michigan Farm Bureau President

Walter Bargen, Imlay City Mayor and Chair of the Lapeer County Republican Party

Paul Bowman, Almont Township Supervisor

Al Ochadleus, Attica Township Supervisor

Tina Papineau, Dryden Township Supervisor

Michael Boskee, Elba Township Supervisor

Scott Jarvis, Lapeer Township Supervisor

Dave Best, Metamora Township Supervisor

Eldon Card, Oregon Township Supervisor

Kelly Martin, North Branch Village Council President

Christopher Tippen, Hadley Township Treasurer

Melanie Priehs, Imlay Township Treasurer

Chris Howland, Burlington Township Treasurer 

Julie Schlaud, Mayfield Township Clerk

Mavis Roy, Goodland Township Clerk

Gloria Smith, Dryden Township Deputy Treasurer

Jayme Crossen, Mayfield Township Deputy Clerk

Roger Harris, Lapeer County Republican Party Treasurer & President of Timber Systems LLC

David Taylor, Former Chair of the Lapeer County Commission

Ron Rickard, Attorney, Imlay City

Dr. Kenneth Whiteside, Lapeer

Dr. Mary Jo Voelpel, Metamora

Dr. Bill Starbird, North Branch

Nancy Starbird, North Branch

Dr. Curt Coulter, North Branch


Karen Coulter, North Branch

Tim Roodvoets, Owner of Lapeer Agency

Paula Proctor, Lapeer County Activist

Paullett Johnson, Lapeer County Activist

JoAnn Ayotte, Bay City

John Fallot, Lapeer

Carol Fischhaber, Lapeer

Karen Bissett, Lapeer

Mark Calvert, Lapeer

Nathan Hamilton, Metamora

Jacqueline Dillahunt, Clifford

Charles Oberle, Clifford

Jim Hutchinson, Lapeer

Fritz & Renate Kopp, Lapeer

Ken Swanstrom , Attica 

Chet Rozanski, Arcadia Twp.

Judy Rozanski, Arcadia Twp.

Lisa DeCeunick, Metamora

Jennifer Clemens, Lapeer

John Wright, Metamora

Georgia Wright, Metamora

Glenn Alverson, Lapeer

Neal Kobylik, Lapeer

Mike Thorman, Lapeer

Larry Lamphere, Lapeer

Nancy Lamphere, Lapeer

Larry Leidlein, Metamora

Oanh Thu Henning, Lapeer

William Gavette, Attica

David Niggemeyer, Millington

Organization Endorsements

Right to Life of Michigan PAC

Michigan Corn Growers Association – Friends of Corn PAC

Michigan Farm Bureau – AgriPac

Michigan Chamber of Commerce

Citizens for Traditional Values

Michigan Fraternal Order of Police

“We’re Supporting Kevin…”

Kevin Daley is the conservative choice for State Senator of your district. We encourage you to endorse the campaign to elect Kevin Daley to State Senate and add your name to the list of supporters.